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Computer-Aided Design

Using cutting edge engineering tools such as Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, CATIA and AutoCAD software, our designers create innovative mechanisms, components, and full mechanical systems.

Product Design and Development

Our product design teams take customer specifications and convert them into product design solutions. This includes integration of aesthetics, ergonomics along with the functionality of the product. Our teams follow a systematic approach to product design, which provides client with up-to-date information on the status of the project. Our knowledge in machine and mold designs, work piece holding and locating devices such as fixtures and locators makes the product (we design) adoptable to multiple manufacturing setups. With the rising demand for high quality product with lesser cost makes us an excellent choice for product design and development. Product design services range from conceptual to embodiment design stages including brainstorming concepts and weighing of different conceptual solutions. Clients would have a total control on the above mentioned processes and would be informed about the whereabouts with sketches and specs. Our skilled engineering team handles confidentiality requirements of companies that off shores product design and development to us.

Our product design services also include Machine Design Services and Value Added Engineering Services.

Machine Design Services
We have experience in providing machine design solutions such as mechanisms design, hydraulic and pneumatic components selections and design, as well as complete machine design solutions. This helps customers with improving their manufacturing efficiency and reliability, the solutions are easy to operate and maintain.

Value Added Engineering Services
We provide a wide variety of value added engineering services including reducing cost and increasing the manufacturing throughput. Our dedicated team of design engineers who have had hands-on experience in design and manufacturing provides consulting on the engineering services and issues.

Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA)

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) ensures compatibility with existing manufacturing processes and methods and minimizes the need for incremental capital investment. Many companies across the globe are looking for Design for Manufacturing to leverage the benefits of optimized manufacturing processes that also focus on design and quality assurance.

Our Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) team follows an approach which involves

  • Diagnosis and setting Objectives
  • Function Definition
  • Clarifying the evaluation parameters and design ideas based on symmetry, simple tooling and optimal achievable tolerances
  • Evaluation and Selection
  • Embodiment of design
  • Provide proper guidelines for the manufacturing process

Blueprint drafting

Our blueprint drafting team understands the complexity that the last phase of product design and development involves. We provide with a detailed 2D drawings with BOM (Bill of Material) and information on tolerance etc. Our team has expertise in seamlessly converting all of your data from paper and scanned drawings into 3D models to high precision 2D design drawings to be used for manufacturing. Drafting services do more than just routine drafting and is in effect a value addition to customers, as irregularities and inconsistencies in the design are addressed and any errors in dimensions or drawings stand corrected when the final 2D drawings reaches you.

  • Blue Print to 2D and 2D to 3D
  • Conversion of topological data to CAD object data
  • Working drawings from conceptual sketches
  • 2D drafting of mechanical parts/assemblies

3D Modeling

We cover the entire spectrum of mechanical drafting services from assembly analyses, checking for interference and elimination of conflicting or constraining dimensions on the models to 3D modeling and allied services. We accomplish these by using cutting edge engineering tools such as Pro/Engineer, Solidworks, CATIA and AutoCAD 3-D CAD software. Our services include and does not limit to 3-dimensional sectional views, drawings, model and assembly analysis, exploded and top-down assembly drawings.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering Services
Reverse engineering services, 'product to re-design' process at Symbiosis Technologies is driven by analyzing components and workings of existing product to create a superior, improvised design for constant urge to innovate. Off shoring reverse engineering services to Symbiosis Technologies will enhance the value of your product designs and will help you to streamline your operations while achieving cost efficiency.

Reverse Engineering Process
The biggest benefit of off shoring reverse engineering services to Symbiosis Technologies is that you get a skilled project management resource without incurring any overheads. Customers first send the physical product, where the product is dismantled completely.

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