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Computer-Aided Engineering

Structural Analysis

Structural analysis or Stress analysis is extremely beneficial in manufacturing scenarios where cost, material, weight, strength etc., need to be optimized or where safety factors need to be determined.

We have:

  • Superior background in product design capability
  • In-depth competencies in Thermo-structural Analysis, Probabilistic Analysis and Stress Analysis
  • Pragmatic approach to Structural Analysis
  • Experience in New Product Introduction
  • Product development and design expertise
  • Product life cycle knowledge
  • Ability to put together resources and services to deliver value to customer

Structural analyses are carried out to find a structure’s response to a load. We ensure that through the pre-processing, Stress Analysis and post-processing stages, the model reflects reality, and that results are captured and analyzed from a design and functionality context. Design sensitivity analyses are carried out to analyze interdependencies and probabilistic analyses are performed to ensure that the probability of failure is low.

Modal Analysis

We help determine a structure’s natural frequencies or resonance frequencies (also called eigenvalues) and mode shapes (called eigenvectors) through Vibration Modal Analyses.

We have:

  • Wide industry experience in analysis of large structures with complex joints or structural members
  • Engineers with expertise in Modal FEA and experimental vibration and modal testing
  • Proficient in using Bruel and Kjaer, Prosig and Agilent testing systems with a wide variety of transducers
  • Exposure to noise testing and analyses in conjunction with modal and thermo-structural FEA

Our experience in experimental modal analysis and vibration testing of components help us understand the behavior of joints, contact conditions and other behavior to model behavior of structures. Analyses of mode shapes and natural frequencies are carried out and subjected to quality checks to ensure correctness of modeling.

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